“From Song of Solomon”

Categories: Elder's Corner

When we love someone, that relationship helps define who we are. As we reciprocate God’s love for us, for instance, we gain an identity as His people. Furthermore, our love for God enables us to love others. 

The Song of Solomon celebrates both our ability to love our spouse and the beautiful gift from God that is marital love. After all, God designed man and woman to enjoy a divinely created dimension of intimacy. When we experience romantic love as God intended, we find joy. 


Love, for spouse, children, or God is meant to be given completely as well as thoroughly enjoyed. The speakers in these songs are celebrating each other’s love. We see in their song that love is not passive but active and vigorous. 

Love is characterized by action more than affection.  Love also sees others in the best possible way.


How precious it is to be viewed by another through eyes of love! That is how we ought to view our spouse, and that is how God sees us. He looks upon us through forgiving eyes of unfailing love. We too can say, “He is mine, and I am His!”  Song of Solomon 2:16